The Winery

From 1984 – 2014 . . . celebrating 30 years in winemaking!  Matty Matarazzo invites all to raise a glass and toasts to your friendship and loyalty!   Look for some amazing activities in the months to come.

Vineyard & Apple Orchard


Thanks to new advancements in cold weather viticulture, regions that were once considered to extreme for grape growing in this country are now flourishing. Here at Four Sisters Winery in Northwest New Jersey we are no exception.

Our wines are made from grapes known as Vitis Labrusca (Native American) and French American Hybrids, which are a crossbreed of traditional European varieties and Native American varieties.

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Four Sisters Winery sits nestled in a beautiful valley amidst the rolling fields and picturesque hills of Warren County, New Jersey. It is part of an agricultural tradition carried on by Matty Matarazzo on his 250-acre farm, which reflects his commitment to the land and its fruitfulness.

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Wine Cellar / Bottling Room

Bottling Room

The Wine Cellar situated directly under the winery is active most of the year. The busiest time, of course, is our crush season between the middle of August through October. Once the grapes have been harvested and brought to the back of the cellar, the ‘crushing floor’ as we call it, the wine making process in the cellar begins.

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Valerie Tishuk,who has done everything from Office Administrator, Events Planner and General Manager has been with the winery for 20 years. As Matty’s right-hand woman, she is responsible for organizing private events as well as winery activities.

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